Things you need to know about current Web Development Pricing London

Your business website is going to represent the face of your business to the online community. A website that has been designed while taking into consideration all the aspects of a business is going to make a great impact on your business. As per the result of research, it is estimated that having well-designed business website can help to increase your revenues by as much as 45 per cent.

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When it comes to the web development pricing London, one of the major apprehensions that haunts entrepreneurs wary of building online sites is the fact what exactly they can truly expect to get in return of an investment.

It is nothing short of astounding that despite the fair advances that technology has made in the area of digital marketing, as many as two million businesses in the UK do not have websites. Most of the business owners require a factual knowledge about the ongoing costs involved in creating and maintenance of a website.

Price for website designing
The price for setting up a website varies according to the type of website. Basically, there are four kinds of websites commonly required by small and medium business owners. For all these kinds of websites, the responsive design feature is a must-have.

Most of the online users could reach out to your website through different kinds of devices and mostly using their Smartphones or iPhones. The response design makes your website suitable for viewing on all kinds of device platforms.

The different kinds of websites for business include basic website, small business website, e-commerce website and bespoke website. The price range for setting up a website may range between £200 and £10.000.

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Basic website: This consists of one to five pages in the brochure style. The website has a landing and contact page. It can cost between £200-500.

Small business website: It has several pages again in the brochure style. Also, CMS and social media, Google analytics, maps and Google My Business features are integrated together. It would cost you between £500 and 1,000.

E-commerce website: This includes the small website design features and added e-commerce functionality with order management systems, delivery tracking and live chat features. A business that wants to sell online should go for this option. These would cost you in the range of £1,000 to £2,500.

Bespoke website design: These include database websites with advanced functionality features and unlimited number of subpages.

These are suitable for business with complex requirements like financial services, health business, legal and architect businesses and more. Setting up of such websites may cost between £2000 and £10,000 based on the complexity of website design.

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